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The lovely little Christmas Elves from www.christmaselves.com.au, Have sent Mizz Mummy HQ a beautiful set of Yankee Candles to try and review. I am going to admit that I, personally had never heard of  ‘Yankee Candles’ previously to the Christmas Elves sending them out, However I really wish I had as they are the absolute definition of the  smell of  Christmas inside a candle and the scent is incredible with how far it travels through the home and really lasts.

The Yankee Candles are available for purchase from The Christmas Elves online store (also in store if you are a Melbourne resident or visitor) as well as many more wonderful items for you to enjoy.

Yankee Candles

I will begin by telling you a bit about each candle & it’s scent:

Balsam & Cedar:
A Christmas Favorite. The festive scent of a freshly cut tree, brought home tied with twine to the top of the car, then set in its base to let its fragrant boughs fan out, is a sure sign that the holidays have arrived. This wonderfully nostalgic blend of balsam, aromatic cedar wood, and juniper berry delivers that fresh forest scent and a world of delightful holiday memories.

Christmas Cookie:
The irresistible aroma of freshly baked Christmas cookies is as much a part of the holidays as the twinkling lights on the tree and the stockings hung by the chimney with care. No holiday would seem complete without nibbling on some of these homemade delights. You’ll find every delicious note in the buttery rich, vanilla scent of this memorable fragrance

Celebrate Christmas:
There’s no place like home at the holidays. And there’s no place more inviting in the home than everyone’s favorite gathering place. . . the kitchen. You’ll bring home unforgettable holiday moments time after time with this comforting recipe of spices and sweets right from the heart of the kitchen.


The ‘Yankee’ Candle range is available in a variety of different scents & sizes also, The Votives which I was kindly sent out are perfect for sampling a scent to see if you are a fan ( which I am ! ), They would  also make a fabulous stocking stuffer – again a bonus- it would make your stocking smell magnifico!

I love how the scents actually smell like what they say, The amount of times I have picked up a candle and had a smell and then had a look at what it is supposed to be and thought “Seriously, Thats what you think that smells like?” , I couldn’t even count on both hands.

The Yankee candles have made our home feel more like christmas just by the scent, It’s definitely a wonderful addition to the christmas collection & I am now a fan & will be purchasing for every christmas to come. I can’t wait to buy the rest of the range to try out!


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Thank you for reading

Mizz Mummy.x


{ Mizz Mummy was gifted with the ‘Yankee Candles’ in exchange for a review. Each opinion expressed is my own. }

Thank you to the wonderful people from www.christmaselves.com.au


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