VTech – Write & Race Lightning McQueen – {REVIEW}

Write & Race Lightning McQueenVTech – Write & Race Lightning McQueen
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The name Lightning McQueen is a popular one in many households universally, When this guy turned up ready for trialing there was a resounding excitement between the boys that Lightning McQueen was going to help them spell.
The Write & Race Lightning McQueen is not only fun but educational. The addition of the chunky stylus is a great way to develop their pincer grip for the many years of writing and drawing that they will undertake through their schooling and the rest of their lives.

Write & Race Lightning McQueen

Write & Race Lightning McQueen features all 26 letters in the alphabet and gives a great stroke by stroke explanation on how to draw each letter correctly, It also features numbers 1 – 10 which has the same stroke by stroke teaching method. The  ‘Free Draw’ option is a fun addition which Mike, (3), Enjoyed creating some of his own ideas.


Write & Race Lightning McQueen
You can also play a memory game with Lightning McQueen by following patterns, as well as another option to make Lightning McQueen get to his destination by selecting the lights.
In addition, letter sounding is also included, Such phrases as “Find the letter that makes the sound a”, The first thing I tested was whether the Z was in English sounding (which I was pleasantly surprised it was!), as the voice is in theme with the movie and very American, the boys said it sounds “Just like the movie!”.

Write & Race Lightning McQueen

I like that once it has been untouched for a short period of time, it turns off, Saving battery life and avoiding disappointment if they forget to turn it off. Write & Race Lightning McQueen operates on 2x AA and seems to be very efficient so far, The best toys aren’t battery suckers!

Write & Race Lightning McQueen neatly stores his buttons underneath his hood, which is also removable for ease of play.The stylus is attached to a perfect length cord, which means you won’t spend majority of your time searching for it! The pen is the perfect size for an easy grip and stores near Lightning McQueens spoiler.

The racing sounds and background music make the toy  super appealing and often ends up going for a bit of a race in between drawing, which for my boys is what keeps educational toys fun, a good balance. The different pitches of the voice keep them well engaged and the variation of activities is fantastic without being overboard.

A Fun, Colourful & Educational choice for any Cars fan. Definitely one for the Christmas list.

Available NOW at Big W, Toys R Us and selected retailers

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{Mizz Mummy was given the product in exchange for the purpose of review, All opinions are my own}


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