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Wendy & Holly
Michelle Jelly Boots
RRP: $75.00 – ON SALE NOW for $35.00 

Wendy & Holly


Cold weather to me means BOOTS for footwear. I am a huge lover of boots but have always been deterred from gumboots because lets face it – The average gumboot isn’t exactly a show stopper. The Michelle Jelly Boots from Wendy & Holly have designed these not only with comfort and warmth in mind but style!


About Wendy & Holly Australia

Wendy & Holly Shoes & Accessories offers an enticing fusion of style, comfort and affordability.

Wendy & Holly Australia is a fashion forward label that boasts flirty designs with boundless personality.

Wendy & Holly Australia are a fun, fashionable, comfortable and very affordable shoe and accessory that are suitable for anywhere, everywhere and all year round.

Once you join the Wendy & Holly Australia jelly shoe revolution, you’ll never look back! Viva la jelly revolution!

Wendy & Holly
I love that I can go out and not have to worry about the dreaded wet sock that I so often end up with wearing traditional boots with the wet winters we generally receive each year,

Michelle is the perfect pair of black ankle boots to take you through every season of the year.  These ankle boots have black lace infused into the jelly plastic so you can adjust them to be just right for you and has a removable synthetic fur sock for extra warmth. Michelle jelly shoes look fabulous with your favorite pair of leggings or pants.

Being a mum has turned me into a comfort person – It used to be all about the look. These offer me both – I love how unique they are and the pattern really appeals to me. I wear them all the time and they are easy to clean – Being a mother of 2 boys we aren’t exactly aiming for cleanliness when it comes to play time so running through muddy puddles, bike riding & all the other activities my daily routine has in stall means mess – You literally wipe them off and they look brand spanking new all over again – I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BOOTS <3
Wendy & Holly

The removable synthetic fur sock is great because it really keeps your feet snuggly and adds that little bit extra to your outfit – and when you have every intention of really getting in a mess you can pop them out and go crazy!
Wendy & Holly

Mizz Mummy Says:

Finding a boot that is versatile for all different foot shapes and sizes that is comfortable is definitely something I can recommend – The Michelle Jelly Boot is perfect for all seasons, Is easy to clean and lasts the distance. The funky design won me over with the added faux fur to top off the style. The Michelle Jelly Boots are a winner!

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{Mizz Mummy was provided with the Wendy & Holly Michelle Jelly boots in exchange for a review -Each opinion expressed is my own}


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