VTech – GearZooz Gear Up & Go Train – {REVIEW}

GearZooz Gear Up & Go Train
VTech – GearZooz – Gear Up & Go Train
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The Gear Up & Go Train is such a vibrant and exciting toy, Simon (1), couldn’t keep his hands off it and it couldn’t get it out of the packaging fast enough for his liking.’

GearZooz Gear Up & Go Train
The Gear up & go train is a hands on, interactive and an educational toy which features over 150 song melodies, sounds and phrases.

It has 15 assorted sized and coloured gears that little hands enjoy mixing and matching and aid problem solving skills as well as fine motor skills.

GearZooz Gear Up & Go Train
When you insert the animal gears onto the smartpole, the train starts introducing your little one to the sounds of the selected animal (Simon’s favourite is the tiger), As well as facts about the particular animal, which greatly assists children to learn cause and effect.

The Gear up and go comes as a 3 piece train which my little man loves to take apart and play with each carriage and then reconnect them again. It also features a pull along cord and when he walks around with his train it plays songs about the train, he now can say train after playing with this so a great vocabulary builder and introduction to new words and help associating items with words.



Each carriage has so much to offer!


The first is the interactive carriage, with 3 colourful light up instrument buttons (Piano, Trumpet & Flute), and an activity slider featuring 4 separate locations (Beach, Park, Mountains & Zoo), and the main button for turning it on, Which features 3 modes of play also to introduce music, fun locations and learning in quiz mode. This is the carriage which features the smartpole and where you connect the Animal Gears, When you turn the gear on the front the steam raises up and down, and the Animal gear spins around.

Carriage 2, features the super cute Elephant who has a gear just under his head, when turned his head moves from side to side. He has 3 gear attachment pegs so he can be changed up with different coloured gears.

Carriage 3 has a Bear who has a little handle on his arm, when turned the see-saw moves up and down, his head moves from side to side and the gears move when he is being pushed or pulled along.


This to me is like 50 toys in one, there are so many activities and tonnes of fun to be had with the GearZooz Gear Up And Go Train from VTech.

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GearZooz Gear Up & Go Train is available NOW from all good toy stores.


GearZooz Gear Up & Go Train

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