The Wiggles Rock & Roll Preschool – {REVIEW + Giveaway}

 WigglesThe Wiggles Rock & Roll Preschool
RRP: $19.95
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(Released March 4th, 2015)

What’s the school where you sing and dance all day? The Wiggles’ Rock & Roll Preschool! Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon have created over 20 songs that will top the charts of every home! You’ll shake to “That’s the Sound of Rock & Roll”, rise and shine with “Wake Up!”, swing along as you “Dance with Emma” and shake your hips with “Two Polite Elvises”. This amazing collection of swinging songs is really all shook up!

The Wiggles are joined by friends including, La Bamba star Lou Diamond Phillips from the USA, Aussie entertainer David Campbell and New Zealand’s Robert Rakete. They really are rockin’ all over the world! The Wiggles’ Rock & Roll Preschool is open now and the lesson for today is to have some fun!

My two sons are both grooving along to the latest Wiggles release, My 3 year old loves the song “It’s Okay to cry” – With having only started preschool in February it is still a big adjustment and it really has been his favorite as he understands that emotions are a very natural thing now and shedding a few tears when Mummy leaves when he is at Preschool is OKAY!
Thanks to the help of The Wiggles! Michael just bops around and enjoys watching all the people dancing & tries to do some actions – GREAT DVD – Not that I expected any less from this old time fave of mine.


Take a look at the trailer :

And the wonderful people from Roadshow, Have given me 2 Copies to give away to 2 lucky readers!!!

WIN 1 of 2 NEW RELEASED – The Wiggles Rock and Roll Preschool DVDs.

If I reach 600 likes – I will also be giving away an additional prize – So get sharing & hit the thumbs up!

Thanks For Reading & Good Luck!!!

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