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baby bumkinsBaby Bumkins Wipes Range
RRP: from $3.99

Baby Bumkins is a new baby brand which has recently launched baby wipes into the Australian market. The wipes are currently being sold through IGA Supermarkets nationally. Baby Bumkin’s superior quality and very affordable prices have helped the brand generate initial trial from the consumer. However, the brand now needs to build more awareness to continue to get the product into the hands of mothers.


Gentle, Soft and Safe, the Baby Bumkins Brand is your most trusted way to ensure that caring for your baby is as seamless as possible.

Developed to support you as mothers, fathers, and families on your journey through parenthood, you’ll find a brand that brings to you the most superior quality – at the most affordable price.

With the highest standards in crafting baby products, Baby Bumkins has been created by professionals with the experience, knowledge, scientific expertise and, above all, a genuine understanding that the practicality of our products is incredibly important to you.

You’ll always feel secure because we care about skin health, for both mother and baby. That’s why we use only the gentlest of dermatologically tested ingredients, and you won’t find Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in any of our products.

By exploring our range, with your own ‘baby bumkin’, you’ll become a part of a loving and happy world where sensitive skin is nurtured, cleansed and cared for easily, so that you can get on with doing the things that make you smile.

At Baby Bumkins we’re committed to not just being another brand on the shelf, but to being THE brand you choose to ‘wipe that’, wrap that, and CARE for the most precious little person in your world as they grow and develop.

Baby Bumkinss

Mizz Mummy had the opportunity to try out the Baby Bumkins range:

 1 x Baby Bumkins Lightly Fragranced 80’s Baby Wipes – $RRP 3.99

 1 x Baby Bumkins Fragrance Free 80’s Baby Wipes pack – $RRP 3.99

1 x Baby Bumkins value pack (Contains 3 individual Fragrance Free baby wipes packs)  $RRP 9.99

Review of Baby Bumkins Lightly Fragranced 80 Pack:

I am not usually a fan of the scented wipes as they usually  just smell plain nasty and tend to go really overboard with the amount of fragrance, But when I opened the pack they actually smell fresh and not over powering at all.
Finally a “Lightly Fragranced” wipe that is what it is!

The wipes are also Alcohol, Soap & M.I Free, They are also PH Balanced , Dermatalogically tested & Include the soothing ingredients of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. So not only do they smell great & Work well, They are working wonders on those little bumkins!

In my duration of trialling the product, I have not had one rip or be dry & They are so thick! I will definitely purchase these again & can happily recommend them as a trusted wipe.

Review of Baby Bumkins Fragrance Free 80 Pack:

Much the same as the lightly fragranced wipes, They are a generous sized wipe and effectively clean bottoms without irritating them!


I love the packet the Baby Bumkins range is in, Most convenient 80-100 packs haven’t got a great seal – It is generally just a sticky tab that rips and becomes useless & you end up with dry wipes…. But the Baby Bumkins has a plastic lid which allows you to easily open and close without worrying about your wipes becoming dry.

The fragrance free range also contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.
Alcohol, Soap & M.I Free, PH Balanced & Dermatologically tested.

Again, I would highly recommend them & am very happy with how effective they are!

Review of Baby Bumkins Value Pack:

The Baby Bumkins Value pack is great to stock up on wipes, It contains 3 of the Fragrance Free 80 packs,  So plenty of Baby Bumkins to ensure you have plenty to keep your little ones bottom clean!


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