Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra – {Review}


Mamaway Seamless

Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra Review

Winner of the Mother & Baby Awards Most Popular Maternity Bra 2015 Silver! 

A lot of women first notice changes in their breasts when they become pregnant but seem to neglect the fact that breasts need to be treated differently when you become pregnant – Underwires can be problematic in terms of digging into what soon will become milk ducts which can end up causing major breastfeeding complications down the track. 

Then of course once your baby arrives and you have basketball boobies having the right support as well as comfort for the incredible engorged new mum breasts is vital to those early days.

The Mamaway Second Skin Seamless bra really supports your changing breasts without any wires and is so comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing! You can feel happy with your purchase as it stretches up to 3 cups so really is going to be a product that grows with you while providing great structural support, this bra also comes with removable padding and one hand drop down clips for easy nursing.




When my youngest was in NICU 3 months ago – I had to travel daily over an hour to get to him and was breastfeeding and pumping and had an overabundance of milk and the Mamaway Second Skin Maternity bra was so fantastic – just to be able to have such an accommodating nursing bra meant the difference between 10 breast pad changes. I  just popped a couple of washers in the cups to help the breast pads cope with the workload of absorption which many bras wouldn’t be able to hold and still provide the comfort & support the Mamaway Second Skin bra provides.

It is also available in 4 different colours: Pink, Black, Beige & Purple





• One piece molded design and so comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing.
• Stretches up to 3 cups with great structural support. Perfect as a maternity bra and a nursing bra.
• Wide shoulder straps and side panels to distribute weight more evenly.
Stablising ballet back design with 4 sets of hook and eye to accommodate your changing breasts.
• One hand drop-down clips for easy feeding.
• Removable padding
• Incorporates NILIT Nylon 6.6 fibers, ultra strong, comfortable, supportive and holds its shape, wash after wash.


I wear this bra most days as it offers me everything I need in a nursing bra, I wish I had known about them during my pregnancy as the comfort they provide is top notch. 


If you would like to take a better look at the range and perhaps order your own then CLICK HERE – Mamaway offer a variety of other fantastic products to suit pregnant and feeding mothers. A range worth viewing 🙂



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{Mizz Mummy was provided with the Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Maternity & Nursing bra in exchange for a review, I was not paid for my opinion & each opinion expressed is my own}




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