LeapPad Ultimate – {REVIEW}


LeapPad Ultimate – Review
Available at: Big W, Toys R Us, Kogan and more
Ages: 3-9 years

LeapPad Ultimate is exactly as its name suggests, The ultimate. Its kid-tough and kid-safe straight out of the box, It has a built-in bumper, reinforced design, and a shatterproof screen. Your heart won’t skip a beat and wallet shrivel with the thought of pricey screen replacements on not so child-friendly devices, with this baby!
In many households across the world, technology has become phenomenally popular. Children now learn at school on tablets and have more tech-skills then the majority of adults. I am all for the welcoming of tech, but the dangers of an ordinary device with low protection and vulnerability of children on the web concerns many parents.

LeapPad Ultimate

 LeapPad has a feature which eases my mind, ‘LeapSearch‘, It is a kid-safe web zone which only gives your children access to kid-appropriate content which has been approved by LeapFrog® learning experts, This is the ULTIMATE addition in my eyes, as I know my kids are in safe hands with the LeapPad.

LeapPad Ultimate


A Powerful Processor – Built with a quad-core processor for lightning fast fun!

Kid-smart fun– Access to 1000+ learning games, videos, eBooks and more designed or approved by LeapFrog® educators (sold separately).

Preloaded contentIncludes preloaded content featuring core skills in mathematics, reading, and science as well as music, puzzles, logic, and creativity.

Personalised learning – Features Just for Me™ learning technology and personalises select games, remembers curricular progress and automatically adjusts learning levels.

Play offline, too – Cartridge slot and a library that includes a large educational curriculum featuring award-winning games and kids’ favourite characters for offline play (sold separately).

Parental controls – Features password protection and allows parents to add multiple kids to one tablet as well as manage their play experience to the right age.

Riley and Michael ages 6 and 3 (Mikey would insist I say “ALMOST 4, MUMMY!”), Absolutely love the LeapPad Ultimate. Since using the LeapPad, Riley has moved up a level in reading at school and Michael has gained an avid interest in puzzles.



Below is a list of the skills that the LeapPad Ultimate offers:


Reading Comprehension
Mathematical Reasoning
Creative Expression
Music & Rhythm
Life Science
Environmental Science
Visual Puzzles






The LeapPad Ultimate also boasts a 1024×600 screen resolution and a 17cm HUGE screen, which allows for a crisp screen and vibrant playing experience. It also has wi-fi capability but doesn’t require it to work. There is also an audio jack, which is a super plus on long car trips when Mummy and Daddy want to have some quiet time. Your child will have so much fun whilst learning through play with the LeapPad Ultimate.

There are apps, such as a calculator, a camera, a calendar, a clock, and a notepad, which gives your little ones access to necessary tools to assist with their skill building. It is very easy to operate and a great interface that gives guidance and thumbnails for each app, which is perfect for kids who are on the cusp of learning to read as it gives them the opportunity to make their own choices easily.

An absolute must for Santas wish list!

As you can see Mike give it the ultimate seal of approval!

LeapPad Ultimate

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Mizz Mummy

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{Disclosure: The LeapPad Ultimate was given to Mizz Mummy in exchange for a review, All opinions expressed are my own}


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