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Bringing together all 5 series of the award-winning Horrible Histories in one collection.

Based on the bestselling books for children (and for adults, but they just won’t admit it), Horrible Histories is an energetic, surprising and unconventional take on history’s most gruesome, unpleasant and funny moments. From the Woeful Second World War, Frightful First World War, Measly Middle Ages and Savage Stone Age to the Groovy Greeks, Rotten Romans, Vicious Vikings and Awful Egyptians, history has never been so horrible.

These are the stories from history that your mischievous uncle told you about; the gory, smelly bits that your teacher wouldn’t approve of. Get ready for the funny, fastest, nastiest and daftest ride through history you’re ever likely to see.

Only recently released in Australia in November, Horrible Histories has given Mizz Mummy some serious entertainment, Hubby (to be) and I have actually enjoyed the series’ ourselves. A great & fun way to learn about the history of the entire world and have a giggle at the same time. I loved this show when I was a teen and it came out and I love that I now own the entire series 😀 – geeky mum.

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  1. This show is amazingly funny and still educational. We all love it

  2. I’ve heard about this series, all good reviews. History should be fun, one way to get the Fambam all together 🙂

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