ecococoon Retro Cup & Strawspoon – {Review & GIVEAWAY}


ecococoon Retro Cups & Strawspoon Review +

RRP: $54.95

ecococoon recently released their new range – The Retro Cups & Strawspoons, The strawspoons are available in two different colour schemes: Gelati & Sherbet
Gelati and Retro Cups - High ResGelati
RRP: $54.95

The Retro Cups are a throw back to the 1950’s styled diners and milk bars and are larger in volume compared to their current range of cups.  I chose these cups for their fantastic shape and comfort when holding them to drink from.  They are perfect for little and BIG kids – from milkshakes to smoothies to iced tea or adult only drinks!  These can also be used for ice cream sodas and desserts.

The Strawspoons are just as the name  suggests – a straw and spoon in one!  Master 3 is absolutely LOVING the whole concept of ecococoons Stawspoons – Its taken milkshakes to a whole new level and he enjoys looking for icecream in the cup whilst slurping away.


Mizz Mummy Says:

I love how much the ecococoon cups hold and that they are stainless steel, Your drink stays icy cold for ages! The strawspoons are fantastic and hubby and I enjoyed a special mummy & daddy slushy with the ecococoon retro cup & strawspoon  and rest assured with the strawspoon there wasn’t a drop left! They are also awesome for soup, smoothies and a whole bunch of things. We love the ecococoon retro cups & strawspoons!



ecococoon have been kind enough to give me a set of 4 cups and a set of strawspoons ( which includes 4 strawspoon with the awesome little brush cleaner to clean inside the straw part of the strawspoon)

This giveaway is valued at RRP: $59.85


WIN an ecococoon Retro cup & Strawspoon pack!

Thanks for reading & GOOD LUCK!

Mizz Mummy


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