Dreambaby® Step Stool Range – {Review}


Dreambaby Step Stool Range Review

The new range of Dreambaby® Step stools include the Multi-Purpose Step Stool and the 2 Up Step Stool. They are just the solution you are looking for in your home to help young ones to reach up with confidence, be it at the bathroom sink at teeth brushing time or at the kitchen bench as “Assistant Chef”.



This is such a great idea as often with some tasks little ones just cant reach with a normal step stool, The Dreambaby 2 Up Step Stool offers that extra bit of balance and allows them to get down from high places with ease.  It has the grip surface which allows them not to slip which is the best feature!

Features of the Dreambaby® 2 Up Step Stool:

  •  Made with strong, sturdy, durable, yet very lightweight plastic. Holds up to 80kg.
  • Sure-grip surface coverage ensures a secure grip for covered and bare feet.
  •  Perfect for young children who are learning to potty train, providing secure access to the toilet seat.
  •  The two small steps reach perfectly to the bathroom sink, the kitchen bench and other just-out-of-reach areas.
  •  Complete with two side handles, the Dreambaby® 2 Up Step Stool is so easy to carry.
  • Easy to clean, to keep it hygienic for multiple family members to use.
  • Available in white with aqua dots




We were given one of the Dreambaby® Multi-Purpose Stools to try out – Riley has loved it as he can now reach the basin to wash his hands and brush his teeth and see the mirror. I think it gives them that feeling of being a “big kid”. He uses it for many things now and if he can’t reach something *treats in the top of the cupboard*  he runs off to get it… I found him with a pack of mint slices this afternoon after he strategically placed his stool in the cupboard and got up there to retrieve the said biscuits. For just RRP$8.95, It is definitely worth it!

If your children are like my son, and use their Dreambaby® Step  stool to gain access where they shouldn’t, perhaps you might like to consider installing a Dreambaby® latch for example http://www.dreambaby.com.au/3-multi-purpose-4-mini-multi-purpose-latches.html


Features of the Dreambaby® Multipurpose Stool

  •  Made with sturdy, durable, lightweight materials. Holds up to 80kg.
  • Contoured to fit perfectly around the base of the toilet, ideal for children who have mastered potty training.
  •  Sure-grip surface coverage ensures a secure grip for covered and bare feet.
  •  The small step gives additional height to reach the bathroom sink, the kitchen bench and other areas around the home.
  •  Easy to clean, to keep it hygienic for family use.
  •  Available in white with aqua dots




To keep up to date with all of the wonderful products from Dreambaby® please visit www.dreambaby.com.au and make sure you are following Dreambaby®:







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{Mizz Mummy was given the Dreambaby Step Stool in exchange for a review – All opinions expressed are my own}


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