D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr. – {Review}

DlinkD-Link-logoD-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr.
RRP: AU$129.00


The lovely people at D-Link Australia have supplied me with the Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr. to tell you all about what it is & what it is capable of .

Most baby monitors work by having 2 units, One in the bedroom with bub and one for the parent to listen to or view.
In my experience the parent end has a clunky receiver which is a pain to carry around, The batteries die relatively fast and always go missing. I am pretty big on the whole concept of having the receiver as your mobile phone.


I always have my phone nearby because lets face it, Most of us make sure our smartphones aren’t too far away from us. So the benefit of being able to view my baby through my phone makes complete sense, But the D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr. isn’t just a baby camera, It has a range of features which really get me excited- Yes I get excited about features on a baby monitor { mum life } .



This Baby Camera really has it all:

  • Day / Night Camera.
  • Sound & Motion Detection
  • Plays Lullabies
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Instant Push Alerts
  • Remote Viewing
  • Take Snapshots & Videos Directly To Your Mobile Device
  • interchangeable coloured outer ring



Sometimes setting up baby products of any category can require a lot of obscenities being screamed and  the manual being thrown across the room, Well the D-Link Wi-Fi baby Camera Jr. is simple .  Install the “Mydlink baby app” on to your device (The camera supports both apple & androids), Then you can place it wherever you desire – It does come with a few little knick knacks that allow you to wall mount it as well.


night visionMy little Mikey in Night Vision.

I really LOVE the night vision feature, It automatically turns on when it becomes dark & it is capable of viewing up to 16 feet away!  It’s so wonderful to be able to look at your babies peacefully sleeping ( or waking up) whilst enjoying mummy time
( God knows we all need that when bubs are finally down for the evening).

There is also a really cool option of having push to talk ( two way audio), So whether you are out at work whilst daddy is home watching your bundle or if you are  sitting comfortably on the couch and  your little one is startled and not due to wake yet  you can hit the ‘Push To Talk’ button and the sound of your voice  is just the ticket to shushing them back to dreamland without you having to step away from that hot cuppa!

 1016953_941251809237051_6925249235000600106_nHere is an actual screenshot from my D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr.
As you can see our labrador Sunny was doing the rounds checking on the baby – You can see the notifications that it has detected 2 sounds & 3 movements  – Both Sunny- haha!


The sound & motion detection is something that really makes this simplified , If you think bubs awake and you’re unsure,  You get pop up notifications to tell you whether the camera has detected a noise or movement, Which is pretty cool because with your average sound only monitor ( in my experience) I have sat there thinking “Was it the baby or not” and then bolted up the stairs  to check on bubby anyways, No unnecessary exercise for me now 🙂 haha!

Another cool feature with the Baby Camera is that the outer coloured ring is interchangeable, D-Link supply you with a blue & a pink ring , Obviously in my household blue is the colour of choice with me being the only female,  But for those with little pink bundles you are able to easily change the colour to suit your decor.


Super cool idea is that this monitor also plays lullabies! My little guy requires a bit of sound to go off to dream land, and the mobile stops after a few minutes and has to be wound back up, But this camera plays until you select stop – You can also change the volume level as well – Nothing worse then an extremely LOUD lullaby, Especially if you’re trying to go to sleep as well.

 If you are in the market for an intelligent monitor that connects straight to your phone and has a tonne of features – The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr. is definitely worth a look!

Also make sure you give D-Links Facebook a thumbs up to keep up to date with what they have on offer & A chance to win some super cool prizes.

Thank You D-Link Australia.

Mizz Mummy.xLIPS-xsmall.jpg

{I was kindly supplied by D-Link Australia with the ” Wi-Fi Baby Camera Jr.”, For the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own .}


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  1. Wish I’d invested in one of these with my bubs. Would have made life so much easier.

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