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Coshee Kids Smart Bedding from EcoSleep Australia
Available: HERE
RRP:  $139.95  *
Size:  Double Lachie design

Coshee Kids


As most of us know, Finding a bedding set that goes with your decor and taste and quality expectations, Can sometimes prove to be a little difficult.

When it comes to bedding for my kids I am even more particular in terms of what I look for. Obviously comfort and warmth is a big thing when it comes to what I look for but also bright and vibrant colours that go well with my children’s bedroom theme is another factor. Coshee smart bedding is made of soft percale cotton with  400 thread count.

With  Coshee® smart bedding, helping your child learn how to make a bed will now be easy. With our clip on top sheet there is no messy tangled sheets or loose covers at night just a safe stylish looking bed every time that is easy for your child to pull up giving the “Freshly Made Bed’ appearance instantly. I think it is very important to be teaching our children from a young age to have pride in the appearance of their rooms and also letting them be independent in the upkeep of their own space – The Coshee Kids range has made this exceptionally easy to teach with the smart design of the clip on top sheet.


Coshee Kids



Master 4 ‘Riley’, is now very good at making his bed and loves to show me his room each morning after pulling up his bedding. Making this a habit early on will make life a lot easier for most mummas – especially in the teen years. The Coshee smart bedding is available in not just children’s rang but a cool teen range and a very modern adults range as well. The only thing that I would like different with the set is that with the double set you only receive one pillow case & I would prefer 2 as a double size appears much nicer with 2 pillows .

EcoSleep Australia always recommend you “upsize” or buy one size larger than the bed to get the most out of our Coshee® smart bedding for your child. We have been using our Coshee Set throughout winter & spring (Although some of our spring days have been more like summer), -The Coshee quilt set has been perfect throughout seasonal changes and is very breathable but still retains warmth throughout colder temperatures.


Coshee Kids



As you can see for yourself, The colours in this set ‘Lachie’ are super vibrant and add so much to your child’s bedroom – The Coshee Smart Bedding is easy to clean and in the set you are provided with care instructions to make sure you get the most out of your set – I have linked the care instructions – HERE.



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{Mizz Mummy was provided with the EcoSleep Australia Coshee Kids Smart Bedding Quilt Set in exchange for a product review, Each opinion expressed is my own}


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