Cloud Babies – Mucky Skyhorsies DVD – {Review & Giveaway}

Mucky SkyhorsiesCloud Babies Mucky Skyhorsies

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Who looks after the sky? The Cloudbabies do! Join the Cloudbabies as they look after the mischievous Bobo White and their Sky Friends Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Little Star. The Skyhorsies are all mucky and in need of a wash. Greenhorsey doesn’t want to be washed so he bolts around the Skycloud getting him and the others even dirtier in the process. How will the Cloudbabies get everyone clean now?

Features 8 Episodes:

1. Lost & Found

2. Mucky Skyhorsies

3. Bobo to the Rescue

4. Wash Day

5. Morning Mist

6. Fastest Rainbow

7. The Star Whistler

8. Go to Bed Little Star

Cloud Babies is a very cute kids show which reminds me so much of the 90s style kids shows! It is very colourful and fun. My littlest boy Michael, Really enjoys this show. This show features all the cute cloud babies and their friendly and just as colourful companions the skyhorsies.

The newest release to the Cloudbabies collection is the new Mucky Skyhorsies DVD which will be a loved edition to your little ones growing collection.


The awesome people over at Roadshow, Have given me a couple of this new release to giveaway to my lucky readers – Yahoo!!!


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~Giveaway~ CLOUDBABIES – Mucky Skyhorsies DVD

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  1. This is my 19mth olds favourite show, It’s a cute show with lovely story lines perfect for my sons age group.

  2. Personally these little characters are adorable. Gone are my days of another baby, but these little munchkins make me clucky. As my daughter says “Oh how ‘coot’ when she sees them in the shops.

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