Back To School with the Boost Dex by Alcatel – {REVIEW & GIVEAWAY}

Boost Dexxx

Back To School – Boost Dex by Alcatel
RRP: $99.00


With school back in full swing,  A highly debated topic between adults is whether or not school-aged kids should have a mobile phone.

I am a firm believer in everything in moderation, I allow my children screen time and I encourage them even more outside time! But, with school, It is usually a big no-no for most parents as they don’t want phones being taken out and played with, nicked, lost or having a big expensive phone bill in their letterbox.

Boost Dex

Alcatel and BOOST Mobile have paired up and released a game changer in the category of mobile phones that are a suitable yet inexpensive option for school-aged kids. At only $99.00 if the Boost Dex is lost or broken it isn’t going to be a pain in the back pocket. The DEX does everything that my 800 dollar phone does & actually overtakes in some aspects of performance such as battery life. The Boost Dex takes photos with a 5mp rear and 2mp front camera, It plays games with ease and offers a very generous 5″  display and a super responsive touch screen -with No pixelation which was surprising again, for only $99.00.



The Boost Dex also has 8GB of memory and the option of expandable memory via SD card, for those older kids who will be using it and don’t mind the odd app or 300. It is 4G compatible and sports a 1.0GHz quad-core processor which means the apps will run smooth with no glitches. For all those creative kids or music lovers, The dex also comes with DJ software pre-loaded in the Music app – Encouraging them to express themselves that little bit more by allowing them to make some cool mixes.



Boost dex
I am a “for phone” parent, I believe that in this day and age we are a very heavily technology reliant generation ( whether people like it or not, that’s the reality). You can either embrace it to benefit you and the safety of your family or you can decide it is not for you and leave it at that, Whichever post you stand at on the topic is fine with me.  The Boost Dex is a great choice for my son because it has all the features a child needs, is easy to use and We have set boundaries about the usage of the mobile and what the purpose of the phone is.

The Boost DEX’s battery life is unbelievable, It just goes and goes – Especially when the phones intended purpose is for emergency situations or needing to contact Mum or Dad or perhaps Nan or Pop. Another great feature is that the Boost Mobile runs on the 4G Telstra Network, Which means your kiddo will be able to contact you easily with the reliability of the 4G network. And with Boosts prepaid option, I can put on a small recharge and have it last over the next month without any concerns of the phone bill being run up.

The Boost DEX comes with a $10.00 Boost Mobile Starter SIM pack – Taking all of the guess work and added effort straight out of your hands.  For the review I was provided with the Boost $30.00 recharge, which is a generous deal of unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers, plus 3GB data and 1GB free data EVERY weekend! In total that gives you 7GB for 28 days – Which in short means your kiddos aren’t going to be hitting you up for another recharge before the month is over.

Back To School With Boost Dex

The Boost DEX is stylish with the included interchangeable colour covers ( They include 3 covers – Black, Green & Orange), Headphones & charger. Riley decided Orange was the right colour for him 🙂

I can highly recommend the Boost Dex to anyone seeking out an inexpensive yet funky and fully functional mobile phone for their kids or even yourself!


I have a Boost DEX to giveaway to one lucky reader –

**WIN** A Boost Dex by Alcatel Mobile






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Thanks For Reading & Good Luck

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{Mizz Mummy was provided with the ‘Boost Dex’ by Alcatel, For the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own}


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