Belkin Family RockStar – {REVIEW}

Belkin Family RockStar Charger

Belkin Family RockStar 4-Port USB Charger Review
RRP: $89.95


How many times has there been an argument over lost chargers, missing cords and not enough power outlets available? Belkin has just eliminated this problem with one neat little modern package.

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Introducing the Belkin Family RockStar 4-Port Home Charger which allows 4 devices to be charged at the same time. With everyone busy and needing their devices between, work, school and uni in a household the size of mine there is always someone who is running low on power. The Family RockStar has enough power to charge two tablets and two smartphones at the SAME time!

Since the Belkin Family RockStar entered our house it has done some serious charging and I must say I am very pleased as this has totally sent the old argument of “I NEED TO USE THE POWERPOINT NOW” absolutely flat on its head.

It also makes holiday packing easy for us as a large family, I plug everyone’s cords into the RockStar and then I know we are all set without having to worry if someone forgot one charger and carrying a bunch of different ones.

Belkin Family RockStarThe only time of the day it has 1 cord is when everyone but Mummas awake

What else can I say? It is definitely a winner in my books. It’s attractively designed, It works like a dream and everyone is happy! If you are in the market for a faster and more efficient way of charging your devices and keeping the family pleased then click on over to Belkin.

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{Mizz Mummy was provided with the ‘Belkin Family RockStar 4-port USB Charger in exchange for a review, All opinions expressed are my own}


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