Babyology Speedo’s Review

Babyology Subscription BoxBabyology Speedo’s Review 

A BIG Thank you to Babyology & Speedo for letting my little guys put the kid’s range of fan-splash-tic swimwear to the test!

I didn’t know Speedo’s had a kids range until the review opportunity came up, but gee I am glad I know now. The quality is perfect, They don’t retain that chlorine smell, They don’t fade, They are durable and best of all they are SUPER vibrant!

Riley & Michael really gave them a go inside the water & outdoors!


Babyology Speedos

Michael called them his “Super cool Swimmys



Babyology Speedos

Riley said, ” Mummy, I like these swimmers, They feel like clothes!” 

Babyology Speedos

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(Babyology & Speedo’s provided Mizz Mummy with the above Speedo’s products in exchange for a review of my experience, I was not paid for this post & each opinion expressed is my own)



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