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My name is Laura (aka Mizz Mummy) & I’m a blog-a-holic!


I started my blog in 2014 shortly after my diagnosis of my brain tumour, My diagnosis has left me house bound a majority of the time and taken away a lot of my freedom. To be able to put pen to paper….well…er…finger to keyboard is therapeutic for me and allows me to feel as though I have a connection with people and am able to help others in some way – Even if it is by helping someone make a decision on what to purchase.


Rile Riley aka WAH, The first born. 

Birthday:  September 13th

Riley is our energetic & caring 3 year old who is obsessed with Spiderman,
His favorite colour is Blue ( half the time)
He loves to read and do craft ( spill paint EVERYWHERE)
He loves to play in the garden with our 2 dogs – Sunny & Dee.

Riley wants to be a skydiver when he grows up – EEP!





 Michael a.k.a Mikey

Boy Number 2,

Birthday: 31st Of March

Michael loves to play blocks with his big bro.
He enjoys chewing anything that is in reach.
Michael is scared of people blowing their nose,
Mikey loves dinosaurs & pretending to be one by biting you 🙂




Please print in 10x15cmm

Simon AKA Dad,

Simon is a chef ( and before you ask, NO  I am not lucky because ” he must cook you great food” . . . He never cooks outside of work)
He loves to play the drums, Enjoys sitting in the garage with mates and talking  nonsense about his car & Cuddling up on the couch and watching never ending episodes of Mister Maker & Baby Jake with his 2 little buddies.





Then there is ME,

Laura aka Mizz Mummy.

I grew up in The Blue Mountains and am a pure mountain goat.
I Met Simon in Kindergarten & had a huge crush on him in year 3 ( actually made him a love letter “from his secret admirer”…. which he scrunched up).
Started Dating at age 17.
I am 22, Obsessed with owls, & just swimming in the ocean of blogging and giving it my best shot!






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